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Posted by Bink on May 01, 2001 at 02:50:07:

To continue the list started by Gene Pink here's a bigger version with seven categories and a bunch of mixers at the bottom waiting to be sorted. If you see a familiar mixer that needs more info please add your notes to the project! And if you don't see a mixer, put it in at the bottom or in the correct category. Here goes...

********MIXER INSERT LIST*********

***no inserts at all:

Heil HM 1200 series
Kelsey Pro-club 16+2
Mackie 1202
Studiomaster 20 into 8
Yamaha EM-100,150,200,300 series


***1/4" TRS single jack, TIP send, RING return:

A&H GL2000, 0dB channel inserts, -2dB output inserts
A&H GL2200
A&H GL3000
A&H GL3300, 0dB channel inserts, -2dB output inserts
Behringer Eurodesk MX2442 (inserts on all mono channels, subgroups, mains)
Behringer Eurodesk MX3282 (inserts on all mono channels, subgroups, mains)
Biamp 1621, +4dB
Mackie 1402 (inserts on first 6 inputs, 0dB)
Mackie CR-1604 (inserts on first 8 inputs, 0dB)
Mackie 1642-VLZ PRO (inserts on first 8 inputs, 0dB)
Mackie CFX (inserts on all inputs and main outputs, 0dB)
Mackie SR24-4 (inserts on all mono inputs, subgroups and mains, 0dB)
Mackie SR32-4 (inserts on all mono inputs, subgroups and mains, 0dB)
Rane MM-12, level not spec'ed
Soundcraft Spirit FX16, 0dB
Soundcraft Spirit Folio FX8, 0dB
Soundcraft Spirit Folio SX, 0dB
Soundcraft Spirit Folio F1, 0dB
Soundcraft Spirit Monitor 2
Yamaha O2R v.2 (inserts only on channels 1-8)
Yamaha MC1604, -10dB
Yamaha MC2404, -10dB
Yamaha MC1608M, -10dB
Yamaha MC2408M, -10dB
Yamaha MC3210 monitor, -10dB
Yamaha M3000, 0dB
Yamaha MX 20/6, 0dB
Yamaha MX 12/6, 0dB


***1/4" TRS single jack, RING send, TIP return:

Mackie Ultra-34 Automation patch bay, 0dB
Panasonic DA7 mkII, all inputs, optional output card, 0dB
Ramsa WRS4424
Soundtracs MX series, +4dB
Soundtracs MCX series, +4dB
Soundcraft 200B (inserts on inputs and subgroups)
Soundcraft 500 (inserts on inputs and subgroups)
Soundcraft K2, -2dB
Soundcraft Venue II
Soundcraft Delta
Soundtracs M
Soundtracs Megas
Soundtracs Solo
Yamaha GA2412
Yamaha GA3212


***1/4" TRS dual jacks, BALANCED send & return

A&H GL4000
A&H ML4000
A&H ML5000
Crest LM-40X20 (channel inserts TRS +4dB, L & R inserts are XLR +4dB)
Crest Century LMx (send & return +4dB)
Crest V12 (send & return +4dB)
Mackie SR40-8, 0dB
Mackie SR56-8, 0dB
Midas XL-200, +4dB
Soundcraft Series FIVE
Yamaha PM-3000, +4 dB channel insert, -6dB output inserts
Yamaha PM-3500, 3500M, +4dB


***1/4" dual jacks, UNBALANCED send & BALANCED return
[Unbalanced send usually TRS with both ring and sleeve tied to some ground]

Crest Century GT (send -2dB, return +4dB)
Crest Century GTx (send -2dB, return +4dB)
Crest Century Vx (send -2dB, return +4dB)
Crest X-Eight (send -2dB, return +4dB)
Crest X-Four (send -2dB, return +4dB)
Crest X-Monitor (send -2dB, return +4dB)
Crest X-VCA (send -2dB, return +4dB)
Soundcraft K3 Theatre (send -2dB [+4dB balanced optional], return +4dB)


***1/4" TS dual jacks, UNBALANCED send & return

Peavey MC12 (Circa ~1976)
Peavey Mark III (channel inserts)
Peavey Mark IV (channel inserts)


***XLR dual jacks, balanced, pin 2 hot:

Crest LM-40X20 (channel inserts TRS +4dB, L & R inserts are XLR +4dB)


***XLR dual jacks, balanced, pin 3 hot:



A&H MixWizard
A&H Spectrum
AMEK 501
AMEK Recall56
AMEK Recall RN
AMEK Mozart
Ashly MM508
ATI Paragon
ATI Paragon II
Audio Arts Wheatstone MTX-1080
Biamp 2442
Cadac J-type
Crest LM-12
Crest LM-20
Crest SP
Crest TC
DDA D-Series
DDA Q-Series (dual 1/4" on ins and outs )
DDA Forum
DDA Arena
Gamble EX
Gamble DCX
Harrison HM4
Harrison/Showco LPC2
Midas XL3
Midas PRO 40 T
Midas Heritage 1000
Midas Heritage 2000
Midas XL4TP
Midas PR24/6/2
Midas Heritage 3000TP
Peavey Mark VIII
Ramsa WR8112
Ramsa 8210
Ramsa WRS4416
Ramsa SR8724
Ramsa 852
Ramsa WRS840
Ramsa SX1A
Soundcraft Broadway
Soundcraft Spirit Live2
Soundcraft Spirit Live4
Soundcraft Spirit Live8
Soundcraft 8000
Soundcraft 6000
Soundcraft 600
Soundcraft 400B (inserts on inputs and outputs)
Soundcraft 800B
Soundcraft K1
Soundcraft Europa
Soundcraft Series TWO
Soundcraft Series FOUR (balanced send and return throughout)
Soundcraft Delta200
Soundcraft Delta DLX
Soundcraft LX7
Soundcraft SM12
Soundcraft SM20
Soundcraft FIVE Monitor
Studiomaster Showmix
Studiomaster MixDown Classic (inserts on all mono channels, subgroups, mains)
Studiomaster Trilogy (inserts on all mono channels, subgroups 1 & 2, Main L & R)
Studiomaster 162BP (input channels +4dB, mains -2dB)
Studiomaster Pro2 (inserts on all mono channels, mains)
TAC Scorpion (inserts on inputs and outputs)
TAC SR9000
TAC SR6000
TAC SR6500
Trident TriMix (dual send/return jacks on inputs, subgroups, mains)
Yamaha PM1000
Yamaha PM1800 (dual jacks on ins and outs)
Yamaha PM2000
Yamaha PM2800
Yamaha M2000
Yamaha M2500
Yamaha MR4
Yamaha PM4000

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