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MARCH 2005

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Digital processing, speakers, mics, mixers and more

InFocus: Savior Or Satan?
Compression in the live world
By Fletcher

Perspective: Change & The Same
The path from here forward
By Dave Stevens

Center Stage: Chief Executive Audio
By Linda Seid Frembes

The Life: The PA “Trifecta”
Speaker moves in, speaker moves out
By Sully

Wireless Jungle: The Next Step
Pro Audio weighs in with the FCC
By Gary Stanfill

Clear Path: Pesky Ground Loop Problems?
A look at solving them - the right way
By Bill Whitlock

Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You
Line Arrays go Hollywood
By Steve Harvey

Case Study: Variable Acoustics
Making it happen electronically
By Bernd Noack

First Person: Zappa Institute Of Technology
Teaching the tricks of the trade
By Chris Kathman

Reality Check: The Pro Angle
Bringing more to the “rent versus buy” table
By Gary Gand

TechTopic:To Match Or Not To Match?
Paying attention to impedance
By Pat Brown

Resource:Third Party Testing
Independent loudspeaker verification
By Pat Brown

New Frontier: Digital Caveman
Crash course for the tragically unhip
By Keith Clark

Emerging Picture: Serpent Story
Confessions of an audio herpetologist
By Bruce Main

Roundtable I: Moving Forward
CobraNet's steady evolution of inclusion
By Ray A. Rayburn

Roundtable II: Another Way
EtherSound leverages digital progress
By Carl Conrad

Roundtable III: One Language, One Network
Inside Harman Pro's new HiQnet protocol
By Rick kreifeldt and Adam Holladay

Sound Off: The Time Is Now
An active user's take on networking and transport
By Matt Simms

Smoke... Flames... Zap! plus End of an Era

Old Soundman: Evil DJ Invasion!
Good use of the way-back machine?


Upholding The Art
Chick Corea (and friends) on the jazz-fusion trail
By E. Victor Brown

Back Page: What You Say
It's all about accuracy - and context
By Julie Clark

Designer Notebook: Everywhere A Line
The RH line array blueprint
By Ralph Heinz

Factory Direct: Seeking The “Holy Grail”
Inside the Shure SLX wireless system
By Gino Sigismondi

Industry Insight: A Pirate's Dream?
Ups and downs of digital capability
By Michael MacDonald

Audio By The “Megaton”
The world's largest “reggaeton” event.
By LSI Staff

Jack's Place: Ethical Proof
A look behind the “informational” curtain
By Jack Alexander

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New mixers, wireless mics, and more

Micro Files: Accordions & Didgeridoos
Mic techniques for “exotic” instruments
By John and Teri Hogan

Milestones: A Path Of Perseverance
Allen & Heath celebrates 35 years
By Steve Harvey

Perspectives: Left-Turn Mutation?
A veteran view on digital consoles
By Dave Natale

Reality Check: It's Still About The Music
Does any of this sound familiar?
By Vance Breshears

Real World: Once Upon A Time
The evolution of digital consoles
By Andrew “Fletch” Fletcher

Suit & Tie: A Day (Plus One) In The Life...
Fun and games with corporate audio
By Steven Midkiff

Tech Topic: Miracle Solution?
What EQ can – and cannot – do
By Pat Brown

Test Drive: Beyond The Instrument
Live tryouts of the new A-T PRO 63 Microphone
By Chris Kathman


Audio Basics
Knowing Cone Drivers
Contributed By Eminence Speaker

Clearpath: Method Not Madness
Correctly troubleshooting audio interfaces
By Bill Whitlock

Conversations: Taking The Opry On The Road
Continuing traditions with modern twists
By Chris Kathman

Factory Direct: Vertical AND Horizontal
L-ACOUSTICS KUDO designed for both planes
By Paul D. Bauman

First Person: From One Man's Mind...
Eminence in the (cone) driver’s seat
By Keith Clark

History Files: Altec (and WECO!) 639A/B
Early two-element microphone design
By Rick Chinn

Inside Story: Driving New Designs
Getting more (and improved) “woof”

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This month's round of new gear

Old Soundman: Rack Monster
What to do when “Less” doesn’t want more

Road Cases
Who You Gonna Call? Mythbusters! and Shall We Play a Game?

Sacred Sound: Contemporary Trend
Modern audio at Haven Christian Church
By Linda Seid Frembes

Evolving “O” Soundscape
Cirque du Soleil's wildly innovative production
By Jerry Placken

Tech Topic: Loudspeaker Power Ratings
It’s a matter of efficiency
By Pat Brown

Test Drive: Looking Before You Leap
The Rane C4 Quad Comp/Limiter: Rack space well spent
By Sully