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All articles (except January) are now in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or greater required. Some files may take a few minutes to download for those with dial up connections.



Back Page: Too Loud?
Silly stunts and salient comments
From The LAB Community

Backstage Class: Realistic Soundcheck
A recording method to ease the process
By John Kerns

Club Scene: Staple Of The Circuit
Keeping the (sonic) faith at The Plantation Club
By Keith Clark

Factory Direct: Inter-M DSP MultiMode Equalizer
An alliance that produces sound results
By Christoph M. Musialik, PhD

On Tour: Doing It Both Ways
Terry Nelson on working with the Doobie Brothers
By Christian Doering

Power Lines: Trick Or Treat?
Fun and games with amplifier specifications
By Tommy O'Brien

An Adjective Generator
Audio for the fascinating Pritzker Pavilion
By E. Victor Brown
Photos by Jim Long and E. Victor Brown

Show Notes: Across The Pond
A Texas “Yankee” checks out U.K. sound
By Chris Bushick

Spotlight: Audio Battleground
Rocking the vote in a hotly contested race
By Dan Abelson

Tech Topic: Tool Of The Trade
Using an analog impedance meter
By Pat Brown


Back Page: The New Pro Audio Toolshop
Wouldn't these gizmos be great? Well...
By Harry Gahandini

Back Stage Class: Paperwork - “A Necessary Evil”
Clarity pays off for smoother shows
By Chris Kathman

Clear Path: Unbalanced Invites Trouble
How to avoid noise problems
By Bill Whitlock

Conversations: State Of The Market
Three vets share their views
By Keith Clark

Factory Direct: Beyond Personal Monitoring
Aviom A-Net and A-Net Pro in networking
By Carl Bader and Chandler Collison

Hail To The Chief - A Photo Presentation
Various U.S. Presidents and the humble microphone.

Industry Insight: The Problem Or The Solution?
Keeping up with ever-more complex technology
By Michael MacDonald

Taking The Global Stage
Sound for the XXVIII Olympiad in a return to its origins
By Steve Harvey

Rat Tales: Down The Backstretch
Finishing up and reflections on success
By Dave Rat

Real World: An Oxymoron?
Form and function of compact line arrays
By John Murray

Show Scene: Clear Trends At PLASA ‘04
Technology and distribution strategies emerging
By Phil Ward

Sound Off: Transmisson Or Cable?
Interesting times – here’s one guy’s take…
By Charlie Wicks


Back Stage Class: Capturing The Moment
Mic techniques for live recording
By Bruce Bartlett

Best Threads: Getting It For Posterity
A variety of ways to achieve quality live recordings
By The LAB Community

Club Scene: A Club By Any Other Name...
Audio renaissance at Avalon Hollywood
By Daniel Keller

Factory Direct: Distinctive Filtering
Detailing the Lake Mesa Quad EQ
By Justin Baird

In Focus: Is Cheap Cheerful?
Microphones and the “art” of distinction
By Patrick Morvlyth

Jack's Place: Inmates Running The Asylum
“Live” and “recording” in the same sentence?
By Jack Alexander

On Location: Plenty Of Storage
Documenting Clapton and the heavyweights
By Linda Sied Frembes

Old Soundman: Deep Questions
Quests pursued by young and old

Rat Tales: Consistency With Limitations
The saga continues. Possible incarceration?
By Dave Rat

Real World: Immediate & Permanent
Times have changed with live recording
By Fletcher

Reality Check: Out With The Old?
The decision to repair – or replace – older gear
By Bruce Main

Whispered In Your Ears
Sarah McLachlan and crew take on arena settings
By E. Victor Brown.

Test Drive: Technology Merger
Evaluation of the EV P3000 amplifier
By Jeff Kuells

The Life: Flood Of Disinterest
A quest to set himself apart
By Sully

Think Tank: Why Measure?
A detailed look at where it matters
By Bob Thurmond

Dynamic Roskilde
Danish sound company DPA Soundco provides festival sound.
Photos by Rockphoto, Denmark


Pure Concert Rock ‘n’ Roll
Logistics and Sonics for Three Doors Down & Nickelback
By E. Victor Brown.

Audio Basics: Handy Checklist
Tips and tricks to enhance wireless quality
By Gary Stanfill

Clear Path: Don't Bet Your Life
Get AC grounding right – or else!
By Bill Whitlock

Club Scene: Bowery Style Sounds
CBGB serves it up hard and loud for 30 years
By Dave Dermont

Graspop Festival: Heavy Metal Belgium Style
Graspop rider and comments.
By Keith Clark

On Location: Blue Collar Wireless
Adventures and lessons learned from multitasking
By Mark E.P. Woods

Perspectives: The Sound Of Sound
Hey, just punch it up on that digital box!
By Frederick J. Ampel

Power Lines: Riding The (Moving) Rails
Detailing Class-G and Class-H amp topologies
By Tommy O'Brien

Rat Tales: More Large Tour Logistics
Getting the kinks out across Europe
By Dave Rat

Real World: How Many 9-Volt Batteries...?
The evolution to modern wireless
By Jack Alexander

Tell-All Techs: Repairs? You Need Repairs??
Inside the lives of service technicians
By The Tell-All Tech

Wireless Jungle: Wireless Saturation?
More changes looming on the horizon
By Gary Stanfill


Audio Basics: In-DI-spensible?
Essentials of direct injection boxes
By Al Keltz

Conversations: In This Together
A “regional guy” talks about the biz and a new rig
By Keith Clark

Designer Notebook: True Dynamic Range
KV2 details a novel loudspeaker approach
By Marcelo Vercelli

Improving On History
New performance audio at the greek theater
By Steve Harvey

Industry Insight: Who Really Decides?
Fending off outside influences on a project
By Michael MacDonald

Jack's Place: Huge Weapon In The Toolkit
Fun tricks in the land of the DI
By Jack Alexander

Perspectives: Ladies Firts In Sound
One tour, three artists, diverse production
By E. Victor Brown

On Location: Return On Investment?
The new rig a year later
By Gary Gand

Old Soundman: Club Restrictions
Too many boneheads running the board?

Rat Tales: Large Tour Logistics
The same system in every port?
By Dave Rat

Real World: Undeniably Vital
Tales of the humble DI box
By Chris Kathman

Rogue Rep: No Respect
Vaporware, travel fun and a toothless genius
By The Rogue Rep

Sound Profiles: Has It Only Been 40 Years?
Jim Long continues an era of contribution
By Mark E. P. (Milo) Woods

Tech Talk: Tuning A System With FFT
Techniques for getting it really close
By John Murray

Tech Topic: Accuracy Versus Realism
Simulating the “human” side of measurement
By Pat Brown

Test Drive: Useful Things
From the field: the new Yamaha SPX2000
By Sully

World Stage: Sound In Nigeria
Dynamic duo takes path to quality operation
By Bernd Noack

JULY 2004

Back Page: Read This Book!
I’ll say it again: Read This Book!
By Keith Clark

Clear Path: Eliminating Potential Trouble
Keeping the noise out of a system
By Bill Whitlock

Working Together
Sound in the dessert for Coachella
By Daniella Shepherd

Connect Corner: Terminating Ethernet Cable
A step-by-step tutorial
By Chris Bushick

Factory DIrect: Digital Mixing For The Analog Mind
A look around the Mackie TT24
By John Boudreau & Fraser Warne

On Tour: Best Job In The World
David Morgan on mixing Simon & Garfunkel
By Linda Seid Frembes

Perspectives: Irrelevant Past?
A look at now, then and the future
By Fred Ampel

Power Lines: Class Distinctions
Understanding power amplifier topologies
By Tommy O'Brien

Project Memo: Quiet Oasis Zone
Personal monitoring in a sea of 20,000
By Micah Warren

Real World: Hail The King Of Boom Boom
A show isn’t a show without subwoofers
By Jack Alexander

Reality Check: Getting Your Head Around Costs
Without making money, what’s the point?
By Tom Walter

Sound Profiles: Ironman Performance
Bob Horner and a diverse sound business
By E. Victor Brown

Tech Talk: Line Array Microphones?
Another “new idea” rediscovered
By John Murray

Tech Topic: Loudspeaker & Room Interactions
What happens to sound in its environment
By Pat Brown

Not The Retiring Types
Okie Brothers back on the road with Tesla
By Chris Doering

The Life: Cranial Interlopers
The bi-polar nature of sound folks
By Sully

Think Tank: Coverage And Feedback
More about factors of a “good” system
By Bob Thurmond

JUNE 2004

Audio Basics: Attaining Tonal Balance
Getting a handle on EQ essentials
By Dennis Bohn

Back Page: When Lawyers Attack!
Your day could be coming…
By Gary Stanfill

Jack's Place: Tuning On The Fly
Riffing in the land of old school
By Jack Alexander

Listening Zone: Embarking On The Journey
Early steps in developing “golden ears”
By Mauro J. Caputi

Milestones: Thirty Years Of Crafting Sound
Soundcraft embarks on its fourth decade
By Chris Shuler

On Location: Antique Forms, New Audiences
EQ and tuning for “Three Mo’ Tenors”
By Gary Gand

Project Memo: Sound For Dynamic Worship
Upgrading to a concert-level system
By Dan Garcia

Real World: The Great Equalizer
New tools, old favorites
By Chris Kathman

Reality Check: When Hearing Starts To Drift
Avoid becoming “EQ oblivious”
By Dave Rat

Rogue Rep: Who Are These People?
The secret lives of reps
By The Rogue Rep

Sound Profiles: Over The Rainbow
Evolving to a national touring presence
By Linda Seid Frembes

Tech Talk: What's The Measurement?
Understanding and properly using RTA & FFT
By John Murray

Tech Topic: Graphing In 3-D
Another parameter to account for space
By Pat Brown

Think Tank: Coverage And Feedback
More about factors of a “good” system
By Bob Thurmond

MAY 2004

Audio Basics: Cable Anatomy 101
Defining six factors to keep in mind
By E. Victor Brown

Back Story: When B.B. Calls...
Flexible sound for black repertory theatre
By Linda Seid Frembes

Best Threads: Making Cables: Is It Worth It?
Looking at the process and cost in several ways
By The LAB Community

Connect Corner: Increasingly Vital Links
Ethernet facts and options
By Chris Bushick

Developments: Not Your Father's Driver
Igor Levitsky talks about planar ribbon design

Emerging Picture: Let There Be Light
How fiber optics really works
By Buddy Oliver

Field Report: Digital Heart and Analog Soul
Inside the Rane G4 four-channel gate
By Dave Dermont

Industry Insight: Too Busy To Breathe?
Perhaps it’s time for time management
By Michael MacDonald

Jack's Place: It Could Happen To You
Ruminations on the pro audio career path
By Jack Alexander

Myth Busting: More Dollars Than Sense?
The truth about loudspeaker wire
By John Roberts

Old Soundman: A Youngster's Revolt!
Or a rebel without a clue?

From Maggie May To The Great American Songbook
Behind the system for the latest Rod Stewart tour.
By Daniel Keller

Street Talk: What's The Delay?
Effects of weather conditions on sound
By Bruce Main

Tech Topic: Understanding Specification Sheets
What do the charts and graphs really mean?
By Pat Brown

Travelogue: Smoking Out With Cypress Hill
Old friends, new acquaintances - all professional
By Chris Kathman

Wireless Jungle: Beware The FCC!
Is rule enforcement getting more aggressive?
By Gary Stanfill

APRIL 2004

Audio Basics: Proper Console Gain Structure
And maximizing signal-to-noise ratio
By Jon Baumgartner

Back Page: Going The Wrong Way?
It all depends upon your perspective
By Fletcher

Destinations: Michelle's Excellent Adventure
Mixing in certifiable war zones and other fun
By Michelle Sabolchick

Developments: Blueprint For The Future?
A wireless LAN backbone for touring
By Dave Kay

Factory Direct: Analog To Digital In Two Decades
Development of the d&b D12 power amplifier
By Frank Bothe

In Focus: Digital Dharma
What you need to know about A/D conversion
By Dennis A. Bohn

Upgrading An Icon
A new sound direction at the Grand Ole Opry
By Linda Seid Frembes

Perspectives: Convergence... On What?
Is it really part of a master plan??
By Fred Ampel

Project Memo: Practical Digital Has Arrived
Control, matrixing and routing at Jones Stadium
By Rich Williams

Reality Check: To Go In-House Or Rent
Pay now, pay later
By Gary Gand

Retro Watch: Gone But Not Forgotten
Older mics that are still viable
By Dave Dermont

Sound Thinking: What Does It All Mean?
Understanding analog and digital for audio
By Bruce Jackson & Steve Harvey

Tech Topic: Don't Escalate The Cold War
Détente between the stage and house
By Pat Brown

The Life: Want To Torture A Sound Mixer?
Ruminations of who’s pleasing whom
By Sully

MARCH 2004

Bottom Line: Finding The Magic Money Tree
Realities and details in leasing gear
By Doug Kocsis

An Evolution To Sonic Quality
Persistence in the refinement of a high-end club system
By E. Victor Brown

Factory Direct: A Digital Transformation
Inside Whirlwind’s new E SNAKE
By Al Keltz

House Files: Look For The Union Label?
Working together in harmony
By Mark E.P Woods

Jack's Place: When you think you know everthing...
A drum solution, out of the “blue”
By Jack Alexander

The Lab Lounge: The Empty Room Blues
Ideas for simulating an audience in soundcheck
By The LAB Lounge Gang

Listening Zone: Want To Develop Golden Ears?
The journey to really hearing sound
By Mauro J. Caputi

New Horizons: Approaches To Live Surround
Looking at the logical evolution
By Michael Miles

Old Soundman: Lawyers And Open Mics
We don’t need Marx and Lenin to tell us about class distinctions!

On Tour: Street Sports Get Legit Sound
Going well beyond “the typical”
By Daniel Keller

Project Memo: Dictating The Direction
Factors that can drive a system design
By Dan Garcia

Real World: Let Your Ears Do The Steering
Factors that can drive a system design
By Gary Gand

Think Tank: Factors Of A Good System
What makes the Difference?
By Bob Thurmond

Travelougue: Making The Rounds WIth Cake
It's an “Unlimited Sunshine” Tour
By Chris Kathman

WorkShop: Building Your Own Wedges
Follow the basics to insure roadworthiness
By Jeffrey A. Forsburg


Audio Basics: Not As Simple As They Look?
Identifying and solving microphone problems
By Bruce Bartlett

Back Page: Commodity, Scmodity
The need for differentiation
By Ivan Schwartz

Designer Notebook: A “Simple” Expansion?
The development of the Shure DFR22 processor
By Bob Rieder and Erik Vaveris

On The Audio Edge
Reinforcing Eddie Lizzard's one-man comic assault
By Keith Clark

Scalable By Design
A wide range of venues for Good Charlotte on tour
By Steve Harvey

Industry Insight: Getting To The Bottom Line
Expenses under control is the way to go
By Michael MacDonald

Live Sessions: Straight Path Simplicity
Losing some live recording complications
By Micah Warren

Reality Check: Time To See The Light?
Show us the money!
By Gary Gand

Realworld: Addicted To Effects?
Sometimes a little goes a long way
By The Old Soundman

Road Cases
Update on Rhode Island club tragedy

Sacred Sound: Maximizing Your Console
Taking a logical, signal flow approach
By Curt Taipale

Sound Profiles: A Long Way From Home
Catching up with mixer Michelle Sabolchick
By Chris Bushick

Tech Topic: The Sound Level Arms Race
Calculations in the house-stage cold war
By Pat Brown


Street Talk: The Incidental Contractor
Eyes wide open if supplementing your business
By Bruce Main

Tech Topic: Where There Is Flow...
The nature and measurement of impedance
By Pat Brown

Loading Dock
New mixers, loudspeakers, amplifiers and more

Project Memo: Ongoing Acoustical Challenges
Using a diverse strategy to transform a venue’s signature
By E. Victor Brown

Road Cases: Rate Your Audio Skills!
A little guidance in the overwhelming maze
By Dave Rat

Sound Profiles: Ready For The Next Challenge
A look inside Mark Gander’s world
By Keith Clark

Real World Gear: Stick It In Your Ear (Part 1)
Enrolling in “IEM 101”
By Mark Herman

Real World Gear: Stick In-Ear Monitors (Part 2)
Moving forward with a “hybrid” approach
By Jerry Harvey, Ultimate Ears

Real World Gear: What We Know AND What We Don’t
An expert view on IEM and hearing
By Rachel Cruz

Navigating Unseen Realms
Kevin Sanford and Wireless First
By Chris Kathman

House Files: Packing That Tech Package
It’s all about the details and communication
By By Mark E. P. (Milo) Woods

Designer Notebook: This Time It’s Personal
Rane MM 42 processor outfitted for IEM needs
By Sheldon Radford and Michael Rollins

Back Page: Welcome To The Torture Palace
Changing the mix position can wreck a room
By Chris Kathman

Focus Point: Total Customer Satisfaction?
Sometimes it’s better to just walk away
By Gary Stanfill

Experiencing A True Original
With Merle Haggard, the mix starts with “the voice”
By Keith Clark