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New mixers, loudspeakers, amplifiers and more

Allen & Heath PA12 Mixer


Allen & Heath has extended the PA Series to include the PA12 mixer, which can be rack mounted or stand alone. Main features are a new padless preamp, internal and editable digital effects, SPDIF output and parametric output EQ. Mute and PFL switches with LEDs, peak metering and 100mm faders are also provided.

The PA12 includes eight mono and two stereo channels. Mono channels offer an XLR input with individual +48V phantom power and a TRS jack input that feed the preamp. The four-band, semi-parametric EQ has shelving low- and high-frequency as well as a fixed low-mid band at 250 Hz and a swept high-mid band. Four auxiliary sends are included, with two pre-fade sends for foldback, one post-fade for internal effects or external effects, and another post-fade for additional effects or special feeds.

d&b D12 Power Amplifier


The d&b audiotechnik D12 is a two-channel power amplifier for use with d&b loudspeakers; digital signal processing is incorporated, as are both analog and digital signal inputs. Each channel of the D12 can deliver 1200 watts into 4 ohms, while the switch mode power supply automatically selects the mains voltage.

Load monitoring can check and report on the status of connected loudspeakers. All settings can be accessed and controlled with a digital rotary encoder and LCD display on the front panel or via remote control interfaces that provide networked control and monitoring functionality.

Bag End INFRA Bass Signal Processors


INFRA-M and INFRA-M2 bass signal processors are intended to operate a subwoofer below resonance without use of low-pass filters.

The electrical signal goes through the INFRA electronics before the power amplifier, as it would with a conventional electronic crossover. Inside the INFRA electronics, a slope is applied to the signal by the use of dual integrators lifting low frequencies by 12 dB per octave.

When INFRA drive is applied, the 12 dB per octave roll-off of the subwoofer combines with the 12 dB per octave lift of the electronics to form a flat frequency response down to the lowest point set on the INFRA electronics, as low at 8 Hz. And in the midrange, the dual integrators roll off at 12 dB per octave from the system resonance or the point where the loudspeaker would normally run out flat.

API 8200 8-Channel Mixer


The API 8200 8-channel mixer is designed for use with the API 7800 master module and 7600 input modules, allowing digital audio workstation (DAW) users to bypass internal digital mix bus and use the 8200 as a discrete summing mixer.

Each channel has level pan, two aux sends, solo, mute, and insert. All external audio connections are balanced +4 dBu, and the 8200 is configured with DB-25 multi-pin connectors for integration into existing audio systems. Multiple 8200s can be easily linked to create multi-channel operations.

Drawmer Tube Station DI, Mic Preamp, Compressor


The Drawmer Tube Station 1 (TS1) includes a Class A mic/instrument pre-amp that can be assigned either to the onboard stereo tube compressor or alternatively to an external destination via its own dedicated output.

The compressor can be accessed independently via its own inputs for warming and fattening stereo mixes.

In addition to a variable high-pass control, the mic preamp features a high-frequency contour control that offers HF enhancement intended to add presence and clarity to the human voice and acoustic instruments. A variable Tube Drive control allows user-definable amounts of saturation. The TS1 offers digital outputs on SPDIF or AES/EBU at up to 24-bit resolution and 96K sample rate. Simultaneous analog outputs are available on balanced XLR connectors.

Mackie SRM350 Loudspeake


The Mackie SRM350 is a two-way, bi-amplified loudspeaker incorporating the company’s proprietary Dynamic Bass Boost for low-end frequencies and the Active Protective Management System, another proprietary design, that uses limiting and variable thermal response circuitry to limit high-input signal levels.

A 165-watt LF amplifier and a 30-watt HF amplifier are built in. Active electronics also include EQ, crossover, phase alignment, and protection circuitry. The rear panel has a built-in mic/line input on a Neutrik combo connector, a level control, and mic/line switch along with power, limit and signal present LEDs.

Drivers include a single 10-inch LF direct-radiating woofer and a 1-inch HF driver on a waveguide horn. The asymmetrical plastic enclosure is designed for PA and monitor applications, and includes handles. The cabinet is also flyable and pole mountable.



L-ACOUSTICS Version 15 DLL for EASE 4.0 allows for simulation of V-DOSC, dV-DOSC or mixed arrays of V-DOSC and dV-DOSC (downfill and/or upfill).

It includes both the correction of a previous SPL calibration error as well as compensation for air absorption effects. The update also provides improved calculation efficiency for faster performance.

Available for free download from www.l-acoustics.com/pdfproda/doscease.zip (353 KB), the Zip file, once extracted, will produce both the new DLL and a User Readme PDF explaining the details of how to implement it.

HME PRO850 UHF Wireless Intercom System


The HME PRO850 UHF Wireless Intercom System is intended to provide pro audio and A/V crewmembers with hands- and cable-free communication.

It offers frequency agility, PC and PDA interface, simultaneous dual-channel interface, graphical interface with pull-down menus on the base. Each unit is equipped with individual beltpack volume control, beltpack channel lockout, headset connector, wireless ISO, and low battery alert.

Meyer Sound UPJ-1P Compact Powered Loudspeaker


The Meyer UPJ-1P compact VariO loudspeaker includes an 80-degree by 50-degree rotatable horn for placement and arraying flexibility. The UPJ-1P contains a 10-inch neodymium magnet cone driver and a 3-inch diaphragm (0.75-inch exit) compression driver of proprietary design. The internal two-channel class A-B power amplifier incorporates complementary power output stages and provides total output of 300 watts. Peak power output is rated at 130 dB SPL at 1 meter.

A number of different rigging options allow the UPJ-1P to be mounted or flown as either single cabinets, or in arrayed configurations. Available rigging hardware includes mounting brackets, arraying adapter plates, yokes and accommodation for a variety of pole-mount flanges. Cabinet dimensions are 11.25-inches (w) by 22.31-inches (h) by 12.25-inches (d).

Neutrik RCA Phono Connectors


A new line of Neutrik RCA phono connectors (jacks and plugs) offers isolated recessed sockets in nickel or black chrome D series style housings. Either connector can be ordered with black, red, yellow, blue, green or white ID rings to enable color-coding for video applications.

The new NYS 373 plugs feature gold-plated contacts. “The new RCA phono jacks feature a rated current and voltage of 1A and 50V, respectively, with an insulation resistance of 5 GW, contact resistance of 10 mW and dielectric strength of 500V.

The shell and contacts are brass with gold plating, and the D style housing features ZnAI4Cu1, gal nickel or black chrome plating. The products are optimized for use between -25 degrees to +70 degrees Celsius.

Peavey CS Series Amplifiers


Four redesigned Peavey CS Series power amplifiers include the models CS 800H, CS 1200H, CS 2000H and CS 3000H, with power points ranging from 800 watts to 3000 watts. Each channel on the CS Series offers a variable crossover, variable low pass filter and an amp function switch that switches from highs, lows or full range.

The front panel display includes LED input indicators for amplifier active, DDT active, temperature warning and DC output warning functions, plus two fully automatic, dual-speed cooling fans that pull cool air from in front of the rack. The fans activate only when needed. The 2U units offer XLR-1/4-inch combo connector inputs. Outputs include binding post and Speakon connectors, a separate Speakon mono bridge output and thru/low output jacks and high output jacks.

Renkus-Heinz Aimware For Line Array


The new Renkus-Heinz PNX101LA line array is now supported by the company’s Aimware software, which is intended to assist in custom design of arrays. It allows the user to select the number of modules in an array, the shape of an array, the main array flying angle and definition of up to three audience areas.

Aimware will calculate accurate frequency dependent coverage for the defined audience areas. Once an array is designed in Aimware, it can be imported into EASE, with DLL routines allowing the array to be “inserted” into rooms.

Rane MM 42 Monitor Processor


The Rane MM 42 Monitor Processor is intended to facilitate optimization of in-ear monitoring systems.

Connecting in-line between a mixing console and a wired or wireless monitor system, the MM 42 processes a single stereo mix or two independent mono mixes using shelf/cut filters, three-band compressor, five-band parametric EQ, and three-band peak limiter.

An assignable sub (low-frequency) output with adjustable bandpass filter is included for direct connection to powered subwoofers or bass “shakers” without requiring an external crossover. The on-board headphone amp (1/4-inch and 1/8-inch jacks) and cue bus functionality permit easy setup and monitoring of multiple mixes.

Ashly Audio Powerflex 70-Volt Power Amplifiers


The Ashly Powerflex Series has been joined by two multichannel units, the Powerflex-670 and Powerflex-470, both designed to power 70-Volt systems without need of transformers. The 670 is a six-channel unit delivering 200 watts per channel, while the 470 offers four channels providing 250 watts per channel.

Channels of both amplifiers may be bridged in pairs for 140 Volt applications, and both use the Powerflex Series high-speed MOSFET switching design with spread spectrum switching technology. They are housed in 3U chassis. Modular input panels with level controls and euroblock connectors are installed on the rear panel.

Community M12 Stage Monitor


The M12 is a two-way, bass-ported stage monitor measuring 10.6 inches high and 21.6 inches wide. Output is listed as 124 dB SPL, with a peak of 131 dB SPL, operable between 55 Hz and 18 kHz. It is loaded with a 12-inch ferrofluid-cooled woofer and a 2-inch, wide-band compression driver coupled with an asymmetrical horn.

Both biamp and switchable biamp/passive configurations are available. Speakon NL4 connectors are tucked in a pocket on the bottom of the enclosure.

Cables arriving at the input panel travel molded channels that offer the option of both side and rear access. Finishes include flat black or flat white abrasion-resistant Tuf-Coat. Hidden handles are included within the fiberglass enclosure, with a heavy gauge steel grille offers protection from abuse.

TAPCO Juice Series Power Amplifiers


The TAPCO (by Mackie) Juice Series of stereo power amplifiers includes the J•800, J•1400 and J•2500. Power output is 800, 1400 and 2500 watts respectively (at 4 Ohms, bridged). All models include switchable mono/stereo/mono bridged operating modes as well as separate loudspeaker outputs for channel A and channel B.

A third Speakon output is provided for mono bridged applications. A 30 Hz subsonic filter assures low-frequency speaker protection. Juice amplfiiers share the same chassis size, measuring 19 inches (w) by 15.7 inches (d) by 3.5 inches (h). All include handles for easy transport and protection of front panel controls, defeatable clip limiter, front panel signal and overload indication and XLR and TRS inputs.

Shure PA821 Active Antenna Combiner


The Shure PA821 active antenna combiner is intended to improve RF performance by reducing intermodulation distortion. It is an eight-input, one-output device compatible with Shure PSM 700, PSM 600, and PSM 400 personal monitor systems.

Capable of combining the output of up to eight PSM wireless transmitters with a single antenna, the wideband (470 MHz-870 MHz) PA821 helps reduces onstage “antenna farm” clutter, and offers increased range when used with Shure’s new PA805WB directional antenna. The unit also comes outfitted with a front panel expansion port to allow for daisy-chaining to additional combiners. Both an auto-sensing universal power supply and AC cables are included as well.

Yamaha Club V Series Loudspeakers


Yamaha Club V Series loudspeakers come in a choice of either carpet or sprayed elastomeric finishes. Cabinet tunings yield improved low-frequency performance, and new transducers allow higher power capacities. An upgraded constant-directivity horn was also developed to further enhance high frequency dispersion and response. Steel input panels contain both dual 1/4-inch and dual Speakon connectors.

Models available in either finish include: 12-inch, 15-inch and dual 15-inch two-way loudspeakers; 10-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch floor monitors; and single 15-inch, single 18-inch and dual 18-inch subwoofers. Two models will be available for suspension, both with pre-installed hanging hardware. Carpet covered cabinets offer heavy gauge, arced steel grilles and steel corner protectors. Sprayed finish enclosures have foam backed, full-face perforated steel grilles.

October 2003 Live Sound International

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