World Stage: Chrisye “DeKaDe” - In Concert
A look at live sound in Indonesia

Indonesian pop star Chrisye and a team of special guests and dancers recently performed at the Plenary Hall JCC in Jakarta, which was filled to its sold-out capacity of several thousand audience members.

The music and concert industry in Indonesia is booming, with line arrays such as Electro-Voice X-line and JBL VerTec used for several recent performances.

For Chrisye’s “DeKaDe” (Decade) concert, the sound company for the event, Sumber Ria, supplied EAW KF760 line arrays, with several consoles (DiGiCo D5 Live, Soundcraft Series Five, Crest VX) required for house, monitors as well as recording and broadcast. Sumber Ria notes that the D5 Live’s snapshot capability proved handy in the recording process.

Have a look at a portion of the equipment rider and personnel list supplied by the sound company.


Front of house consoles

DiGiCo D5 Live
Soundcraft Series Five
Crest VX

FOH effects, accessories

2 x Focusrite ISA 220
3 x dbx 567 tube compressors
1 x Drawmer 1960 tube compressor
1 x Eventide H 3000
1 x TC Electronic 2290
1 x XTC M-one
1 x Yamaha Pro R-3
DK Audio digital phase meter & VU meter

Main system drive rack

2 x XTA DP266
2 x XTA stereo 1/3-octave equalizer

Monitor consoles

Soundcraft Series FIVE
2 x Soundcraft MH4
Crest GT Console

Monitor EQ

24 channels of BSS equalization

Broadcast consoles

2 x Yamaha PM4000
2 x Crest Console

Broadcast monitors

4 x Genelec 1030A

Recording system

Merging Pyramix software & Mykerinos cards (MADI & AES/EBU)
2 x Medéa Raid hard disk AudioRack LP 320 GB
2 x Mackie HDR 24/96
6 x Soundcraft Protracker
1 x Focusrite Octopre

Sound personnel

Danesh Item, FOH mixer
Pardi & Doni Lamuri, monitor mixers
Rudra & Edy Jacobus, broadcast mixers
Lucas Harnadi & Niki Hirio, live recording


October 2003 Live Sound International

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