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Designer Notebook: A Convergence Of Technologies
The back-story on AKG wired/wireless mics
By Walter Rührig and Tom Stofler

Industry Insight: A Trend Or A Fad?
When should you invest in new technology
By Michael MacDonald

All That Jazz (And More) at Montreux
Keeping things loose and fluid for a variety of acts and performance styles
By Peter Harrison

World Stage: What’s The Frequency, Karlheinz?
And you think you’ve worked some unusual gigs...

Backstage Class: The Means To Do It Yourself
A variation of the LAB Subwoofers successfully deployed
By Dale Shirk

Back Page: At Odds With Mythology
He’s not gonna take it anymore!
By Fletcher

Sound Profiles: On The Path To Continuing Growth
Transition from local rock hero to sound reinforcement
By Linda Seid Frembes

Real World Gear: Change For The Better (Part 1)
The emergence of multi-channel amplifiers
By Jeff Kuells and John Murray

Real World Gear: Change For The Better (Part 2)
The emergence of multi-channel amplifiers
By Jeff Kuells and John Murray

Entering The Ring
Reinforcing opera in a large stadium setting
By Phil Ward

Hanging Out: Risk Management For Rigging
The best approach is having a safety program in place
By Andrew T. Martin

New Horizons: Live Concerts In Surround?
Despite the obstacles, it can indeed be done
By Michael Miles


Power Lines: AC Regulation And Conditioning
Power factors that can seriously compromise your system
By Garth Powell

Bottom Line: Assets Or Liabilities?
Understanding credit reports and making them work for you
By Doug Kocsis

Factory Direct: To B-DEAP Or Not To Be Deep
Employing new concepts in subwoofer design
By Tom Danley

Old Soundman: Chuck It All For A Sound Career?
This guy needs some treatment ­ immediately!
By The Old Soundman

Live Sessions: Making It Work In A Clean Way
A live mixer explains capturing recordings of Prince
By Scottie P

The Electronic and the Acoustic
Developing systems to be heard ­ but not always seen ­ at Disney Concert Hall
By Linda Seid Frembes

Debuting A New Rig At A Mega Event
Yes, Virginia, it can be done, and this is not your father’s audio system
By Gary Gand

Audio Basics: Mic Techniques To A Better End
Approaches for solving problems, improving quality
By Bruce Bartlett

Show Scene: More On The Line Array Front
An intrepid U.K. correspondent goes in-depth on the latest
By Andy Wood

Real World Gear: Small But Sometimes Mighty (Part 1)
Testing, features and application of compact mixers
By Ivan Schwartz

Real World Gear: Small But Sometimes Mighty (Part 2)
Testing, features and application of compact mixers

Business Savvy: Applying Common Sense
Planning is the only shortcut to success in live sound
By John Stiernberg

Who Said Mixing Seven Violins Was Going To Be Easy?
Catching up with Brian Teed and Barrage
By Chris Kathman

Tech Topic: When Eyes And Ears Don’t Agree
Putting the role of measurement into perspective
By Pat Brown

Milestones: Where Has The Time Gone?
Eastern Acoustic Works as it turns 25
By Keith Clark


The Editor’s 3 Dot Lounge
WHO are you? WHAT are you?
By Keith Clark

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New mixers, loudspeakers, amplifiers and more

Sound reinforcement for the "Monsters of the Midway”
Photos and text by Keith Clark

Industry Insight: The Grass Is Always Greener
Making the right moves to grow in new directions
By Michael MacDonald

Viewpoints: Can Test & Analysis Help Your Process?
Fred's view
By Frederick J. Ampel

Viewpoints: Can Test & Analysis Help Your Process?
Doug's view
By Doug Jones

Retro Watch: The First Powered Loudspeaker?
A “modern” idea’s time really came much earlier
By Keith Clark

Avoiding Unnecessary Complications
A conversation with Lee Moro about sound and mixing Norah Jones
By David Weiss

A System for the MTV Generation
New audio tools at Belmont University's Massey Concert Hall
By Steve Harvey

Sound At Large Sporting Events
A Hands-On Pro Takes Us Behind the Scenes
By Danny Abelson

Reality Check: Getting Into The Act
An “old man” latches on to in-ear monitoring
By Gary Gand

Real World: The Building Block Approach
A straightforward look at test and measurement
By John Murray

Real World: The Building Block Approach
A straightforward look at test and measurement equipment
By John Murray

House Files: Advancing The Show
Spotlight on the what, when and why of the tech package
By Mark E. P. (Milo) Woods

Travelogue: Kickin’ It With Berlin
A working mixer’s tale of phasing in a new kick microphone
By Chris Kathman

Academic Pursuits: The Scientific Essence Of Sound
Getting to the basis of everything we hear
By Neil Thompson Shade

Street Talk: Fools Tools?
Maybe so, but somebody oughta do it anyway...
By Harry Gahandini

Power Lines: The Next “Digital” Revolution?
Inside the future of switching power amplifier technology
By Pat Quilter

World Stage: Chrisye “DeKaDe” In Concert
A look at live sound in Indonesia

Tech Topic: What You See Is Not What You Get
Why measured response doesn’t always match what’s heard
By Pat Brown

Factory Direct: Digital To Steer, Aim, Optimize
The development of EAW DSA Series loudspeakers
By David Gunness

Live Sessions: An Essentially Simple Method
An effective approach to live recording
By John Thomas Griffith

Back Page: Touring Sound With Studio Roots?
Observations on the morphing of two disciplines
By Fletcher


The Editor’s 3 Dot Lounge
What we can learn from history
By Keith Clark

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New microphones, loudspeakers, mixers and more

Street Talk: So Much Has Changed, Yet…
Is it time to get back to basics?
By Ivan Schwartz

High Noon in Toledo
Inside a Recent Line Array Shootout
By Keith Clark

Staying Cool Under Pressure
The Impact of Digital Technology at Hollywood Bowl
By Chris Kathman

New Horizons: Noise Control At Outdoor Events
Interesting alternatives to the “usual” PA approach
By Chris Beale

Milestones: Sennheiser Electronic Corp Turns 40
Steady growth, increasing focus, and a ”triple crown”
By Dan Garcia

Roundtable: Inside The Approach
JBL’s development team talks about line array concepts
By Doug Button & Mark Engebretson

Real World Gear: The Secret Life Of Instrument Mics
Plug in one of each, and you’re good to go
By Gary Gand

Real World Gear: What's New in Microphones?
Glad You Asked
By Gary Gand

History Files: Time Capsule - Sound for the 1974 California Jam
54,000 watts of audio power... 105 dB SPL at one mile... 200,000 satisfied rock fans...
By Wayne Yentis

Backstage Class: Defining the Subwoofer Power Alley
Don’t blame the subwoofers, look at their interaction
By José Brusi

Tech Topic: Linking Loudspeakers ­ Properly
Series or parallel? Impedance is the thing
By Pat Brown

Business Savvy: Managing Risk in the Live Sound Business
What is your tolerance quotient?
By John Stiernberg

Back Page: What To Call The New Baby?
An audio product by any other name...
By Keith Clark


The Editor’s 3 Dot Lounge
The importance of keeping our industry young
By Keith Clark

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New Loaudspeakers, Mixers, Electronics & More

Industry Insights: Planning for Profits
Getting a true understanding of overhead and cost structure
By Michael MacDonald

The Long-Haul Machine: Keeping Things Under Control
Pearl Jam christens a new system
By Daniel Keller

The Long-Haul Machine: Industry Profile
Five minutes with Karrie Keyes
By Bruce Main

Wireless Jungle: Taking The Stealth Approach
The legalities of wireless system use in the U.S.
By Gary Stanfill

Lab Work: Three-Dimensional Geometry
A spherical approach in loudspeaker analysis
By Perrin Meyer

Real World: Concert Line Array Loudspeakers
A look at the realities of concert line array loudspeakers
By John Murray

Academic Pursuits: Sound Fundamentals
Leading off with understanding the nature of sound
By Neil Thompson Shade


JULY 2003

Back Page: When Worlds Collide
Sharing technology means more to share
By Bruce Main

Designer Notebook: The Quest For True Graphic EQ
The back-story on the evolution of equalization and the Rane DEQ 60
By Ray Miller & Rick Jeffs, with Dennis Bohn (all of Rane Corp.)

Audio Basics: Dynamics, Condensers & Phantoms
Getting into the design of microphones
By Scott Foulkrod

Tech Talk: Proper Signal (Time) Alignment
How to correctly get loudspeaker drivers in sync
By John Murray

Real World: Loudspeaker Processors, An Evolution
The impact of digital technology has been mighty
By Greg Doughty

Sound Profiles: The Journeys of Deanne Franklin
A mixer in determined pursuit of doing what she loves
By Chris Bushick

Sacred Sound: Getting Our Priorities Straight
The nature of soundcheck, building a mix and working together
By Curt Taipale

Business Savvy: Why Are You In the Live Sound Business?
Clarifying business mission statements
By John Stiernberg

Backstage Class: In & Out. Fine-Tune Your Cabling
For an efficient installation and strike every day
By Dan Laveglia

Tech Topic: Practical Realities of Phase Interference
Understanding this “accounting system for sound waves" and what it means for your system
By Pat Brown

The Editor's 3 Dot Lounge: Is Live Sound strictly a "live sound" magazine?
Our regular readers likely already know the answer to this question...
By Keith Clark

Reality Check: Lyin’ Arrays?
Beyond the hype it’s up to you to figure out what’s really best
By Gary Gand

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New loudspeakers, subwoofers, processors and more

Viewpoints: To IEM Or Not Is The Question
An “Emperor’s New Clothes” attitude toward in-ear monitoring uses and safety?
By Jack Alexander

Viewpoints: To IEM Or Not Is The Question
An “Emperor’s New Clothes” attitude toward in-ear monitoring uses and safety?
By Doug Jones

Audio Localization for Madam Butterfly
Matrixing to enhance sound reinforcement for opera in the round
By Robin Whittaker

Familiar Territory, New System Elements
The current Def Leppard tour sees deployment of recent sound advances
By David Weiss

JUNE 2003

Factory Direct: Inside Community T-Class Loudspeakers
Bucking the line array trend with a maximum utility approach
By Bruce Howze

Connect Corner: MASS (Appeal) Connectors
The story of how an industry icon came to be and has adapted through the years
By Al Keltz

Backstage Class: In-Ear Monitors On A Budget
Getting to the right situation, step by step
By Will Cotter

Ear Sense: Pending Legalities On The SPL Front
A look at standards in Europe, what they might mean, and strategies of protection
By Fred Ampel

Gen Xperience: Into The Great Club Gig Unknown
Success is in both preparation and quick thinking at the venue
By Nathan Short

Training Day: Getting Inside V-DOSC Arrays
An intensive course going beyond supporting the product
By Chris Kathman

Real World: What's Up With Wireless Systems?
Times are changing rapidly
By Gary Stanfill

Tech Topic: Horizontal Loudspeaker Arrays
Ideas, data and solutions in solving horizontal coverage problems
By Pat Brown

A New Day at the Colosseum
A look at the system for Celine Dion's new production at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas
By Keith Clark

Industry Insight: Does Attitude Matter?
Getting to the essence of surviving tough times
By Michael MacDonald

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New DSP, Consoles, Loudspeakers and More

The Editor's 3 Dot Lounge
Getting Beyond the "Hype Machine"
By Keith Clark

The Thriving Latin Touring Market
C. Vilar Amplificacion gets a new rig to meet the challenges of large-scale concert sound
By Dan Garcia

Jack's Place: Dirty Laundry Department
And skeletons in the closet
By Jack Alexander

Amped up: Smaller & Lighter & Digital
Powersoft digital amplifiers in the field and on the bench
By Jeff Kuells

MAY 2003

What’s up with customer service?
How the pro audio industry distinguishes itself
By Keith Clark

Business Savvy: Trade Show Maze Got You Down?
Optimizing your investment at industry events
By John Stiernberg

Backstage At The Grammy Awards
The nuts & bolts of the Grammy awards system
By John Stiernberg

Backstage At The Grammy Awards
Behind the scenes at a large-scale live event
By Karl Winkler

View Points: Does Reliance On Data Impact A Musical Mix?
Jack's view
By Jack Alexander

View Points: Does Reliance On Data Impact A Musical Mix?
Doug's view
By Doug Jones

Jazz On The High Seas
An approach defying land-locked audio laws
By Gary Baldassari

Factory Tour: Inside Meyer Sound
A walk through the “funny little audio company” that’s become a leader
By Alex Artaud

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New compact arrays, wireless systems & more

Power Lines
Test Your Knowledge Of Power
By Pat Brown

Real World Gear: Defining Factors Of Consoles
A “heretic” talks about the process of selection and why some are hot while others are not
By Chris Kathman

Real World Gear: A Look At Large-Frame Consoles, 2003
New or used, analog or digital, here’s the state of the market
By Mark Herman

Designer Notebook: Early Influences On The Martin Audio Compact W8LC
An inside look at the fundamental design concepts that characterize the compact line array
By Bill Webb and Jason Baird

Field Report: A Working Mixer Checks Out Community T-Class
A working mixer attends an unconventional demo of new technology and offers his impressions
By Dave Dermont

Gig School: An Electronic System For "Pure" Acoustic
Evolving a system to remain true to the original performance
By Gregg Perry

Old Soundman: FOH Vs. Studio. Is This Really A Question?
“You’ve gotta be kidding me!”
By The Old Soundman

APRIL 2003

Taking responsibility is everyone’s job
The Rhode Island night club tradgedy
By Keith Clark

Industry Insight: The Gift That Keeps On Taking
How dead inventory can strangle your business
By Michael MacDonald

AirWaves: Update On The Broadcast Copyright Front
Thanks to recent legislation, the legalities of webcasting are getting a lot more complicated
By Steve Harvey

Tech Talk: Inside The Toolbox Plus
Live Sound's resident measurement geek has found a way to lighten the tool bag load
By John Murray

Pantages: Technology marriage at historic theater
Applying it appropriately
By Pete Tidemann

History Files: Was It The Water?
The roots of a pro audio hotbed
By Tom Danley and Gary Gand

Workshop: Building Your Own Loudspeakers?
The right CAD tools go a long way in helping you succeed
By Jeffrey Forsburg

Jack's Place: Hide The Silver
Mumbo jumbo and perfect solutions
By Jack Alexander

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New consoles, loudspeakers, DSP and more

Sound Profiles: One of Austin’s Finest
For Jeff Tucker, it’s about getting it done right
By Chris Kathman

Gettin' Hot In Here: Doing Hip-Hop Live
Low On Inputs, High on Fidelity
By Dan Garcia

Power Lines: Getting The Proper Flow
More factors that affect power transfer between an amplifier and transducer
By Pat Brown

Connect Corner
The ins and outs of multipin connector designs
By Peter Janis

Ear Sense: The Proof Is In The Data
More evidence of level abuse and arguments against artist demands
By Fred Ampel

MARCH 2003

The Single-Mic Technique
An “old-fashioned” approach is making a comeback
By Bruce Bartlett

Zoning The Stage
New directions in stage signal management
By Peter Janis

Amped up: Proper Distributed Audio and Amplification
Crucial factors to keep in mind for high-quality intelligibility
By Jeff Kuells

Who Done It!?!
Hold off blaming the designer for a problem system until you know the whole story
By Curt Taipale

Powerlines: Amps and Speakers, Living Together
The role of impedance, resistance and reactance in an audio system
By Pat Brown

Real World Gear: Comp/Limiters
Friends that help in "bouncy & twitchy" situations
By Chris Kathman

A Life In Sound
By Bruce Jackson

Designer Notebook: Inside the Lake Contour
A new approach to DSP and filtering approaches
By Justin Baird and Bruce Jackson

Wireless Jungle: The Sky Isn't Quite Falling, But...
Unsettled times ahead for wireless systems
By Gary Stanfill

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New consoles, loudspeakers, mics and more

View Points: Varying Views On Mic Evaluation & Jargon
Jack's view
By Jack Alexander

View Points: Varying Views On Mic Evaluation & Jargon
Doug's View
By Doug Jones

Street Talk: Tweaking DSP Stage Monitors
Tips and tricks that help maximize the potential
By Bruce Main

A Very Different Production
Designing Sound To Keep Up with "Our House" In London
By Mike Mann

Working In The Big House
Prison Inmates In Oregon Are Learning To Be Live Sound Pros
By Wm. Scott Dorris

Business Savvy: Doing the Numbers
The importance of having goals and objectives in your business
By John Stiernberg

Sound Off: Our Curious Industry
Why is it so hard to get audio pros to protect their hearing?
By John Stiernberg


On Scarlet's Walk with Tori Amos
SSE Hire's Chris Beale talks about the system and the changing sound company business
By Mike Mann

Sound Profiles: Stepping Around the Wreckage
Industrial Sound's Greg Dean explains how his company came back from dire circumstances
By Steve Harvey

Techno Watch: Multipurpose Acoustical Prediction
A look at Meyer’s latest tool to assist system design
By Mel Lambert

Backstage Class: Matching Mics and Preamps
Guidelines to insure the two work together properly
By Dennis Bohn

Stage Ready: Powerin’ Up at The Plant
A rehearsal hall in tune with getting ready to hit the road
By Mike Kerr

Real World: The “Black Art” of Microphone Preamps
Choosing one over another? Sorry, no standard answers
By Fletcher

The Editor’s 3 Dot Lounge
Keeping as much focus on the human and business aspects as “strictly gear”
By Keith Clark

New Sound at The Apollo
One of the most storied performance venues in the world revitalizes with an emphasis on systems technology
By Rich Williams

Hard Data Regarding Concert Sound Levels
An in-depth look at standards, measurements and what it all means
By Fred Ampel

Tech Talk: SMAART and Reverb Time
In-depth answers to a multifaceted question from a reader
By John Murray

Industry Insight: What Marketing?
Breaking out of the commodity/price mode of operation
By Michael MacDonald

Jack's Place: Missile Incoming
A mic that could end conspicuous consumption
By Jack Alexander

Power Lines: Audio Power Trip
How consumption, production and transmission affect a system
By Pat Brown


Backstage Class:
An examination of bandwidth, dynamic range and normal operating levels
By John Eargle & Chris Foreman

Corporate Audio : Making the Climb
Jim Risgin shares insights on corporate mixing, design, gear selection and "how he got here"
By Keith Clark

Designer Notebook: It's a Dual Purpose World
Sussing out the Soundcraft MH4
By Soundcraft Product Manager Andy Brown & Technical Director Graham Blyth

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New digital devices, software tools, loudspeakers and more

Mixing Toward the Magic Moment
Continuing the conversation with Robbie McGrath sound engineer for The Rolling Stones
By Nort Johnson

Corporate Audio Taking: The Show On The Road
Application of line array technology for a unique set of GM business conferences
By Keith Clark

Audio Basics: Stage Monitoring Simplified
Mixing monitors and house simultaneously
By Scott Foulkrod

Gig School:
Capturing quality recordings of a live performance involves factors and good ol' trial & error
By Ty Ford

Sound for Any Given Sunday
New Gillette Stadium offers a system that “rocks” with added standards the look to the future
By Dan Garcia

Road Cases
Humorous tales from industry folk

Viewpoints: Science & Snake Oil
Is the systems market plagued by charlatans trying to make a buck?
By Doug Jones & Jack Alexander

Real World Gear: Stage Monitors
Some call them wedges
By Steve Harvey & LSI Staff

Feature: Amplifying the Amazement
The mix and systems for Beck on tour
By Chris Kathman

Factory Direct: It's a Networked World
A look at Fast Ethernet and CobraNet protocol for audio and data networking
By Deb Britton