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Austin City Unlimited
The famed Austin City Limits take the show on the road and moves into the great outdoors
By Chris Bushick

Backstage Class: Mixing Left-Center-Right
Managing shed sound ≠ the evolution of PA methodology toward better solutions, including LCR
By Robert Scovill

Tech Talk: Thinking Inside the Box
Scale models can provide insight into low frequency behavior
By Pat Brown

Gentlemen Start Your (DSP) Engines
Racing sound for audiences of sizes rivaling that of many cities
By Josh Thompson

Real World Gear:
High-Quality Loudspeakers
for Small to Mid-Size Applications

Tech Talk: Understanding Line Array Systems
An explanation of terminology and comparison of models
By John Murray

Tech Talk: Predicting Array Performance
Taking the guesswork out of seeing where sound is going
By Bruce Main

Audio Insider: Distortion Truths
The designer of Turbosound and Funktion One dishes on system distortion.
By Tony Andrews

Techno Watch: Parametric Loudspeakers
ATC develops unconventional technology for tightly focused audio
By Mel Lambert


Viewpoints: Experience & Science Combined
Real Time Installation at Ultra Sound Rehearsal Studios (Doug's Viewpoint)
By Doug Jones

Viewpoints: The Viewpoint of Ultra Sound's Owner
Gene describes the Jack and Doug experience
by Gene Sinigalliano

The Rolling Stones START IT UP
An exclusive look inside the most outrageous tour ever.
by Nort Johnson

Twenty Questions:
The Microphone Quiz

Business Savvy: What's in a business plan?
Why you need one!
by John Stiernberg

Amped Up: Lab.Gruppen Amplifiers
Cooler, Lighter and Massive Power
by Jeff Kuells

Backstage Class
Microphone University: How to read microphone specifications
by Mikkel Nymand (Tonmeister)

Factory Direct: Curvilinear Arrays
Meyer Sound's new M1D & M2D
by Ralph Jones, Senior Technical Editor, Meyer Sound

Viewpoints: Experience & Science Combined
Real Time Installation at Ultra Sound Rehearsal Studios
by Jack Alexander

America's Largest Festival
A huge festival draws hoards of spectators and entertainers
By Danny Abelson

America's Largest Festival Part 2
An Interview with Gregg Brunclik, President, Clearwing Productions, Inc.
by Danny Abelson

Groovin' at the Grove:
The venue and sound system can now handle dinners, corporate events and open-floor rock concerts.
by Rich Williams

High Rolling Hilton Upgrade: Given that Elvis has left the building and Starlight Express has rolled out, a renovation with a line array was needed to attract world-class touring acts.
by Dan Garcia

Jack's Place
Tubes & Dudes - A surprising bit of a kit
by Jack Alexander

Sacred Sound: Lighthouse Christian Center - A New Building, A New System
A church near Tacoma, Washington installs a MONARC MLA5 Line Array
by Douglas Van Kirk

Loading Dock:
New Product Launches, Consoles, Speakers, EFX, Mics and More

Tech Talk: The Answer Man
Live Sound's tech guru answers some email questions from our readers
by John Murray

Real World Gear
Wired Vocal Microphones

Theatre Craft: Zone in the Delays
A theater designer describes his methods for setting delay speakers
by Jim Pfitzinger


Loading Dock
Twenty new products for 2002

View Points: What Makes A Pro?
Doug's View
By Douglas R. Jones

View Points: What Makes A Pro?
Jack's view
By Jack Alexander

The Hollywood Palace
High end performance systems renew an ageless venue
By Paul Meserve

Designer's Notebook: The Scoop On Crest's X-VCA Desk
Designersí notes on Crestís compact VCA desk
By Chuck Augustowski

Broadcast & Mobile: One Shot, No Worries
Direct Stream Digital (DSD) recording for archives
By Steve Harvey

Maryland Sound Tours With Neil Diamond: A Digital Mix From Mic To Amp
Boldly going where no one has been
By Anthony McLean

Digital Recording In The Rockies: 24-bit/96kHz
Lightweight, portable & DC-powered
By Glyn Sutherland

LiSA, LiSA: An Italian Array With Dutch Ribbon Transducers
Another line array, this time without compression drivers
By Mario Di Cola, Davide Doldi & Davide Saronni

Audio Insiders: The Neumann KM105
Neumannís non-compromise gains momentum coast to coast

Amped Up: Live Sound Meets Sound Contracting
One-stop audio or you may lose your client
By Jeff Kuells

Factory Direct: The GEO Project
Three years of R&D, three fundamental patents

Halloween In Hollywood: Riverton Cemetery
Spatialized sound FX at a spook house
By Denny McLane

Tech Topics: Understanding Sound System and Room Interactions
Frequency reflections over time, created by a loudspeaker system
By Sam Berkow

Real World Gear: Making Better Bass
The state of low end in our real world

Depeche Mode: Return To The Eighties With British Flair
British Synth/Pop Royalty Promote New Disc with World Tour
By Steve Harvey

Ghost Story: Low Frequency Illusions
Phantoms, Vibrations and Standing Waves
By Vic Tandy

Sacred Sound: Working with a "Portable Church" System
Making it Mobile
By David McLain

Roadcases: The Mystery of T-Shirts
Forget Those Pod Doors HAL, Open Up Your Wardrobe Doors
By Duncan Fry

Twenty Questions: Digital Recordings and Bass Boxes
Test Your Savvy of Two Totally Different Technologies

Jack's Place: Channel Strip Parametric Tips
Making a Mix Place for Everything
By Jack Alexander

Letter from the Editor: Are We a Growth Free Industry?
When Will The Guard Ever Change?
By Anthony McLean